Pinterest Interests


Oh, Pinterest. How you find more ways for me to waste time. If you haven’t noticed, it appears that Pinterest has added this “Explore Interests” section. It’s supposed to allow you to find items that are similar to your current tastes, which I’m guessing means it’s going though my pins and saying, “Well, it appears you really like food that adds fat to your hips, why don’t you pin something with more sugar, butter, and caramel? Yes, here are 20 more recipes for you. Oh yeah, and here’s a wedding dress for that wedding you’re not planning and a slew full of cats.”

Oh, why thank you, Pinterest. How wonderful.

So I spent some time exploring this new section, and to a complete stranger, I’m wondering if I look psychotic or not. My explore section includes some of the following topics: kitten, apple pie recipes, striped sweaters, ground turkey recipes, and fitness. Seems I’m all set to become a crazy cat lady who cooks a lot, but secretly hopes she’ll exercise and burn off those calories.

Apparently I must also pin a lot of wedding stuff, because other categories include “gold wedding rings,” “cream bridesmaid dresses” (which I don’t ever remember pinning any of those), “engagement photos,” and “silver wedding shoes.” Apparently I’m subconsciously planning something I’ve never really intended to explore.

Oh yeah, and Carrie Underwood found her way as a “topic” in the list. I have no idea.

Click the images to see my Pinterest boards.



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