Let The Christmas Shopping Begin! – UPDATED

Umm, so this is totally insane. I just bought my first Christmas present of the season – for only 85 cents! And that included shipping. How, you ask? Rue La La is giving away a $25 credit today to members. I thought it was a joke until I opened my account and saw $25 sitting there. Jaw dropped!


If you find something $15 or less, it’s free. You can use the credit toward shipping, too! (Which is $9.95). If you haven’t signed up, you should today and get the deal.

Sign-up: http://tinyurl.com/orlqn47
This was the sponsored link I went through: http://bit.ly/1jmCCUb

Might just get something free to kick off your holiday shopping for the season!

Had to share with everyone. Let me know if it worked for you, too, and what you picked up for free today! I’d love to hear it.


UPDATED – 11/22

Okay, so it appears the credit was only for existing RueLaLa members, but no fret, if you’re already a member, there’s a chance you might have something in your inbox waiting for you. So I still suggest you go see and try to get a good deal! It doesn’t hurt to try, especially when you’re paying pennies for items worth $35 to $40 and shipping!


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