Let the Workout Madness Begin

One of my best friends is trying to kill me.

No, not in a serial killer way. She’s just trying to get us to work out more since we’ve both fallen off the workout wagon. Pumpkin donuts, apple cider, and ice cream are way too tempting when the leaves turn colors and the temperature drops. Sweater weather also gives the illusion that you can be frumpy inside your big, baggy tops. I’m making excuses, I know. But I bet you’ve said the same thing.

My friend’s idea to ward off fat is brilliant, but brutal. A monthly workout planner with day-by-day routine. The problem is . . . she wants to do three to five days each day. Kind of an accelerated plan, with a death wish. So, on Day 1, I wouldn’t just do Day 1’s workout. I’d do Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and maybe Day 4 if I’m ambitious.

So I tested day one.


Crunches. Easy. Done in no time doing day 1, 2, 3, and 4. I even threw in some extra bicycles and mason twists.

Leg Lifts. A bit harder, but totally manageable.

Then came the planks. Usually I’m not a complainer. And I usually do three 1-minute planks in a gym session. But doing a short session, then another session, and yet another short session, got really frustrating quickly.

So, being that I’m thoroughly worn out. I’m hoping I get rock hard abs in a month. Or at least that my pants start fitting again. Here’s hoping. If you’ve got some inspiration on staying motivated, send it my way.


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