Dinner and a Movie

So it was forced upon me to go to the movies.

 Okay, okay, I wasn’t forced, but to be fair, I haven’t gone to the movies in a few years. I think the last thing I saw was Thor (2011), which I only went because one, I’m a geek, and two, it had Chris Hemsworth in it. Alright, alright, I really love all the Avengers, too. But this time, it only took a mention of Jake Gyllenhaal (obsessed with Donnie Darko….. just a bit) and Hugh Jackman to get me in the car. Oh yeah, and apparently you can have dinner and drink beer (by the pitcher) at the theater. Winning! Smitty’s in Sanford, you’re brilliant.

 So I gave in, and went on the date. I have to say, though, the movie Prisoners was fantastic. So unexpected that I would go to a suspenseful thriller, but despite having to cover my eyes a few times, I couldn’t get enough of it. While Hugh Jackman was searching for his daughter, I was inched on the edge of my seat, whispering what I expected the outcome to be, and blown away when the big reveal came.


Honestly, even for those who get a bit antsy at the thought of blood and horror films, I really think if you like any sort of psychological thrillers, you should go see this movie. Even if you wait until it comes out on Netflix or you have to head to the nearest Redbox, go see it.

 And yay! for beer at the movies! (Oh, and yeah, I totally ignored my diet for the night. That’s a bacon and cheese, onion ring and BBQ sauce covered burger with waffle fries… that happened.)


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