Mickey Pancakes


I’m totally jumping on the Jennifer Lawrence bandwagon. Don’t be surprised, she’s one of the most adorable people in Hollywood and certainly gives a breath of fresh air to the vision that actresses and actors aren’t real people. Uh, hello! They are, and they’re just as quirky and awkward as we are. Proof is right in Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence. From her fall to get her award to spending almost every interview talking about how hungry she was, she captured many hearts.
Heck, if I was on the red carpet with her, I would have offered her a snack. Who didn’t bring a snack with them to the Oscars?? I probably couldn’t have made her pancakes for the red carpet, but hey, if they need a stand between interviews making Mickey pancakes, I’m the gal to call. Just saying.


I just made a basic chocolate chip pancake mix for these. The hard part is being patient. Using a 1/4 cup measuring cup to drop a circle, then using a spoon to easily pour in the two ears. Takes some practice, but it works. Also, wait until you see bubbles popping up in the batter before you flip it. Otherwise it won’t be ready and will fall apart. Good luck and send me pictures of your attempts. I’d love to see them!


Also, Jennifer, if you ever stumble across this blog and are in need of a new best friend, I’ll see what I can do to pencil you in.


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