Run It II


New shoes!!

My shoes were starting to fall apart. (Okay, not really, but good enough of a fake excuse to warrant a shoe shopping adventure.) Seeing as I used them heavily last year and am using them every day in 2013 so far, falling apart wouldn’t be a bad thing. So as a birthday/Christmas/New Year present to myself, I found another pair. I can’t wait to break them in! Hoping to do so on the next round of running. Until then, I’m cruising along in my other pair, which are still in pretty good condition. Mixing my shoe obsession with my running project . . . I’d say that’s a good thing.

In other news, I’m well on my way to 365 miles in 2013. I’m so excited that I haven’t given up yet. Not running a 5K per day anymore, but still at least a mile a day.

Jan. 11 – 1.36 miles
Jan. 12 – 4.75 miles (walking around Boston)
Jan. 13 – 1.30 miles
Jan. 14 – 3.45 miles
Jan. 15 – 2.20 miles
Jan. 16 – 1 miles
Jan. 17 – 0 miles
Jan. 18 – 0 miles
Jan. 19 – 2.27 miles
Jan. 20 – 1 mile
Jan. 21 – 3.5 miles

This subtotal is 20.83, plus the previous 25.43 miles.. .brings me up to 46.26 miles in 2013 so far! That’s about 2.20 miles a day!


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