Run It


Jan. 1, 2013 – Starting the year off right

I’m usually against New Year’s Resolutions. Mostly because I never go through with them. Something happens and I just give up or start with a new project a month into the year. A few years ago I started the year seeing how long I could go without meat. I didn’t last that long, bacon got me. Oh, bacon.

This year I just want to get in shape. I have a few goals in my head, but we’ll see if they happen. What I really want to do is see how many miles I can rack up running. I’m going to try for a mile a day, or really 365 miles this year. The idea is if I run three miles one day, and I don’t run two days, it evens out. So let’s see how far I get, I certainly am starting out strong at least…

Jan. 1 – 3.25 miles
Jan. 2 – 3.12 miles
Jan. 3 – 3.25 miles
Jan. 4 – 2.27 miles
Jan. 5 – 3.9 miles
Jan. 6 – 3.55 miles
Jan. 7 – 2.66 miles
Jan. 8 – 1 mile
Jan. 9 – 1.18 miles
Jan. 10 – 1.25 miles

Total so far for 2013: 25.43 miles

Also, contemplating doing the Color Run this summer in Boston. So excited!


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