Happy 2013


I have two theories on this past New Year’s eve and how it panned out. Either as we get older we forget to plan how we’re going to ring in the New Year, or the assumed End of the World left everyone feeling they didn’t have to plan at all. That’s how with six hours to ring in 2013, I found myself, and others, scrambling what to do with ourselves. Would we just go to bed early and treat it like any other night? Go downtown and fight the crowds, spending money we didn’t want to? Or gather and hope we figured something out?

I think when you have kids, it’s ok that you go to bed early. You’re probably tired and the kids really don’t care about the ball dropping. You’re just instilling the tradition. But when you’re kid-free, it seems like you’re supposed to do something. Go out and party and be insane with glitter, drinks, and confetti. Unfortunately, I’m hitting the point where that doesn’t sound fun anymore. So we opted for what seemed way more interesting, a bonfire with friends. Fairly low key, and I got to see the ball drop!

Spent this morning eating breakfast with those remaining in the a.m., talking about possible New Year’s resolutions. I have a few in mind, certainly things I’ll want to tackle this year, but in general I think it’s best just to take each day, one at a time, and be happy. Hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve as well!


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