Stache Happy

I think I pull this look off well.


I’m so excited for our office holiday party! So much so that I offered to make mustaches for our photo booth. Yes, we are having a photo booth at our office holiday party. I am so pumped to get dressed up and have fun with my work buddies.

These mustaches actually took quite a bit of time and patience. I’m not going to lie, I’m glad I had the TV on because it made time go by quicker.

I had to collect some fuzzy hair fabric, foam board, felt, my trusty glue gun, scissors, thin dowel, and printed off the mustache silhouette that I wanted to use.

The hard part

Trace and cut out the mustache on the foam board. That’s so you have a sturdy base for the board.

Getting ready to make it fuzzy!

Once that’s on the fabric, cut the outline of the fabric around the board.

Cut the dowel to a foot if it’s longer. I bought the longer dowel because it was cheap and I could get many out of it. Glue the dowel to the non-fuzzy side, then glue it onto the felt. Cut like you did from the fuzzy fabric.

Now play in front of the mirror.


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