Rye Grilled Cheese

The first thing I remember making on my own was a grilled cheese sandwich. It was fairly simple: white bread, American cheese, and butter so it didn’t burn the bread. And with it getting a bit chilly out, grilled cheese seems like the best bet. I’d add tomato soup, but I was a bit lazy when I made this.

All you really need.. and some butter.

I had a craving for rye bread, I’m not really sure why. Usually I’m one to buy a loaf of French bread, but the grains were calling. Diced up some onion and grabbed a few slices of a Roma tomato. Also might have switched out my regular American cheese for cheddar. Butter the sides of the bread that will hit the pan, put it all together, grill it up, and you’ve got a nice snack. Or lunch.




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