$2 T Shirt Tank

I keep seeing all these cute T shirt tanks online. Pinterest is full of these DIY tutorials on how to cut up a T shirt and make it into an awesome tank top. What I want to know is where all these women are getting awesome T shirts to turn into tank tops. I only have those ugly free ones you get from credit card companies and banks. I’m not going to cut up one of my good T shirts for a tank top. I might as well buy a tank top than ruin one of my good shirts.

Whelp, I was in luck. Popped into TJMaxx during a lunch break and they were having a sale. Like a HUGE sale where they had T shirts for $2, shoes for $5, and dresses for $5. I was like, what the heck? Are they just giving it all away? So I bought a T shirt, one of those really soft ones.

Isn’t it cute? I also needed thread, needles and scissors for this project.

So I tried to follow these instructions I found on Pinterest, but well, you’ll see I kinda altered it a bit.

First, I cut off the arms.

Snip snip

Then cut the seam out of the shoulders so they were separated.

More snip snip

And twisted the front once (could have done twice) and sewed it back up.

Probably should invest in white or clear thread… hmmmm

And this is what I got…

Hmmm, seems to be missing something.

Yup, was too high of a collar, so I cut out a tiny section in the center

Like I’ve said before, I’m not a big crafty girl, but it’s super comfy and I’m gonna wear this, even if just around the house to watch TV.


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