Delicious Hair

I fell in love, with this

I had thought I would only stick to food and crafts, but I got suckered in at a recent spa trip. She showed me this stuff that repairs your hair. Just use a little (and I mean a little). Rub it in your hands, then run it through damp hair. It makes your hair smell so good. I wanted to eat my hair, it smelled so delicious. Even if it doesn’t fully help my fried hair (yes, I straighten my already straight hair), it at least makes it smell phenomenal. Although, so far, my hair is softer, so that’s a plus. 🙂 Sorry guys, had to share. Don’t worry, I’m heading to the kitchen right now.


Starved For Chicken Tacos

I’m not ashamed to say I ate three tacos for dinner. I had a good reason. The number of calories I estimated I burned today via multiple workout sessions made me feel it was utmost important that I consume them back. Let me back up. I was sent on a work assignment to go stand up paddle boarding. So much fun. So that started my day with a full body workout. Not terribly difficult, but when I ended up going against the current, I truly felt it. Then later in the day I got a phone call from a friend who wanted me to go to this thing called Cardio Party. I agreed, because like a good friend, I don’t ask questions. Plus, she said “party.”

I almost died and have reversed my previous thought process to begin asking what the heck I’m getting myself into before I agree to something. It was an hour class of kicking, jumping jacks, punches, jabs, jogging in place, right/left hooks, and butt kicks. I lasted a total of 43 minutes before I begged my friend to leave. Then we stretched and I somehow found myself in another room doing an hour of yoga.

Anyway, while I started to feel my legs burning from doing so much jumping, I opted to cook up a meal. Originally thought to include veggies, but, well, cheese looked so much more promising.

Mexicheese, onion, tortillas, chicken, and (not pictured) fresh garlic

Heated the pan with some olive oil, placed in diced onion (one large slice of it) and minced up fresh garlic. Once the onions became translucent, I added the cut up chicken, ground black pepper, cumin, and cayenne pepper.

Oops, there I go again with the cayenne.

Heated up the tortillas in the microwave for 15 seconds to soften them up, then filled them with a bit of cheese and the chicken mixture.

Almost ready!

Then I was ready to pop these babies into the George Foreman. Yes, George and I are best friends. We spend time together almost every night for dinner. Shush, don’t tell anyone, but we’re really best friends.

Ta dah! Yum! Okay, I ate one before I even took the picture….

What can I say? I was hungry.

Canvas LOVE

Couldn’t be happier with how this turned out!

Getting crafty again. This beauty is my newest creation, stemming from a Pinterest pin that had a similar work. (see here) That girl is WAY more ambitious than I am. But it was beautiful and it got me thinking. What could Roni do? So I slummed my way over to Michael’s for some crafts. Found out they were having a “clearance” sale. Yeah, that just means they put stickers on everything to make you feel like you’re getting a deal. I worked in retail once, I know how it works…

So I bought these four mini square canvases (totaled $6, I believe) and some acrylic paint (50 cents a bottle) and a foam brush. Went to Walmart and also got mailbox stickers (L,O,V,E) and some heart shaped stickers on a sheet that were on sale for 50 cents.

Just some supplies, you know, for the crafting thing.

Before we get too far into this, let me preface with it took me three days to get this whole thing complete. I don’t know if it was laziness or me trying to let the paint dry. Either way, I wanted to make sure everything was really dry before putting colors on top of one another. So I started by covering two of the canvases pink and two of them black. In doing this, I decided to opt out of the Miami Dolphins teal and orange for another project. Just didn’t seem to fit here.

Starting to look mighty pretty.

Look how smooth and pretty those came out!

So with those successfully painted and dried, I took care to cut out the letters from the sticker sheets so I could just have their outlines on the canvas. Then I stuck some hearts around as well. The hard part was making sure when I put the paint on the foam brushes, that I remembered to dab some of the paint off so that I could have a light amount on the brush when I dabbed over the stickers. I tried not to cover everything, because I wanted to make sure the opposite color could be seen. So when I was painting the black on the pink, I could still see some pink coming through.

Exhibit A

Then I let that dry and then peeled off the stickers. That way I didn’t smudge anything. Really, I beg you to be patient. It will be worth it in the end.

Then I just hung them up on the wall kinda off kilter so that it looked cool. See?

I kind of want to make a ton of these, but I have no use for more. Maybe Christmas presents? Hmmmm

And ta dah. A canvas set for way less than the $30 price tag I’m sure people on Etsy are selling them for. And you can make it the color and style you actually want!


Easy Buffalo Chicken Wrap

My name is Roni and I have a Franks RedHot addiction.

Phew. Okay, glad we got that out of the way to start. That being said, it should be no surprise to anyone that I have about a thousand ways that I make buffalo chicken in some form or not – tacos, wraps (yes, they are basically the same thing), pizza, dip, with fries, etc. So when I had a craving for buffalo chicken and only wraps on hand, I decided to take it upon myself to make a quick sandwich.

My mexi-cheese (of course), Franks, 6-inch tortillas, and a third of a chicken breast.

With a dash of olive oil for the pan, that’s all you really need for this. I promise. This time I won’t magically add more things as we go along. I know I tend to do that.

Chopped up the chicken, cooked it through, opened the Franks RedHot (might have taken a big sniff of it and went to heaven, then came back for a few drops before I doused the pan and added a small amount of cheese).

Yeah, those things called measuring cups, never heard of them before.

Cooked that down until it got all gooey and wonderful, then spooned it onto two tortillas that had been warmed in the microwave.

What could be better?

Ready for my close up Mr. DeMille.

Have I ever told you that I was a sandwich princess in college? Worked in a fabulously ill-fitting purple (yes, I said purple) polo shirt. Became pro at making wraps. It’s an art really, I almost went to the food Olympics, but backed down at the last minute to take care of world peace. You know, something like that.

The reason I’m telling you this isn’t because I wrapped these perfectly (actually, I did a pretty horrible job, gotta get back into training), but because the point of making a wrap isn’t to just roll it like a taco, you have to close the ends. So make sure you roll in one side, the two outer ends (left and right), and then roll it to close it up. That way you can put it on the George Foreman (BINGO!).

Not my best work, but it was a Saturday when I made these. So let’s be real folks, I wasn’t in top shape at the time.

Look at how amazing George makes these puppies.

Sorry, had to take a bite, couldn’t wait long enough to grab a knife and cut it open for you to see. Whoops.

And to be like everyone else on the Internet: it was so good! nom nom nom.

Snack-Sized Cookie Mixes?

My mind was blown at the supermarket the other day. I was wandering the baking aisle looking for inspiration when I stumbled upon the best thing ever. As a single gal, I rarely have a need for two dozen cookies. So when I saw this on the shelf, I was ecstatic. No more baking for an army when I’m took lazy to not use boxed!

And would be perfect for making cookie bars!

Vintaging Earrings

Alright, I know there has been quite a bit of craft posts lately, but I got too acrylic paint happy lately, so there will be more to come, and I kinda of accidently did this one. I went to Walmart because I was bored. Since I’ve been on such a jewelry buying kick, (I got conned into having a Lia Sophia party and it all went downhill from there.) I ended up buying a set of three dangley earrings. They had a Bohemian look to them, so I decided to buy them.

And then I got them home, put them on and realized they were way, and I mean WAY, too shiny. I dont have anything to compare to them and they’re not even gold or silver, just a cheap metal.

See, too shiny!

So I took the foam paintbrush I had and dabbed it into the black paint, then dabbed it on some cardboard to get rid of some excess paint. Then took to lightly dabbing the earrings, back and front.

Dab, dab, dab

Look how pretty they look now! Notice I didn’t cover them completely. I didn’t want black earrings, after all.

And then I took to doing it to the gold pair, too.

Even better in gold vintage!

And now I have new earrings! Love them! Took less than three minutes and dry time (which was pretty much instant because there was little paint used).


Recycled Bow Frenzy

We had an emergency at work.

It was my co-workers birthday and we didn’t have a bow for his birthday cupcake. FOR SHAME! Don’t worry, I put on my crafting cape and came to the rescue. Might have shocked some people (myself included) that the final result was actually really good. First off, I work with magazines, so there is always paper around. The next thing was just finding scissors, tape and/or a stapler. I know, I know, you’re like, what is this non-crafty-crafty girl doing. Trust me on this one. If I can make a recycled bow, you can, too.

I found an ad in a magazine with lots of color space and little text. Score one!

Then I started cutting strips. Okay, I really did the whole fold and refold, then rip method, but they all ended up being the same width. So it worked. Thank you years as an elementary school student making fortune tellers.

I actually didn’t end up using two of the middle strips. Didn’t matter though.

That is what I ended up with, I made some longer than others. The hard part came next when I had to figure out how to twist the strips to make what looks like a two-ended shoe. See below for what I mean. You’ll get it… I hope. Basically you flip one end and make the other end match it. Tape the ends and then stretch it a bit and tape that into place behind the center of your strip so it doesn’t move.

One “shoe” down!

Oh yeah, you’ll notice that since I wasn’t working with food, I was able to use filters on my photos. I love doing that, but feel like you can’t tell what the food looks like if you use filters all the time. Sadness.

Anyway, I digress. So then I layered the “shoes,” biggest on the outside and working my way in. Staple the center. I also took that smallest strip and made a mini circle with it.


Almost there, just a few more layers.

Then I taped the last circle piece in and VOILA! I had a bow! Isn’t it adorable?

Look, ma. I saved like three bucks by making my own!

See, you’d never know. I bet someone would pay big bucks for a bunch of those… maybe I shouldn’t have shared my secret. hmmmm

And there you go, a cheap version of a bow. You’re also saving the environment! Go green!